The Significance of Quality Packaging

Marketing has significantly changed since the early 1900's when brand names didn't matter, but rather the quality of an item. How people shop and view product is now dependent on whether it be from a recognizable brand, or a package that simply stands out to them. Many decades ago, grocery shopping was a lot more simple without the hundreds of options of one item like today. Now, whether you're looking for a gift at the mall or shopping at your local market, decision making becomes a lot harder with all the brands competing to get your attention.

Most brands have the same quality and type of product, but what really will set them apart is their logo and branding style. What truly seperates one food package to the next is not only a recognizable brand name, but how the product is packaged. Maybe it's just the company name you recognize, but the coloring and unique shape of the packaging also provides that brand the "look" they're going for. A different shaped plastic package combined with its functional design, and overall look is what will lure someone into picking up one item from the other.

In addition to food and retail packaging, the need for plastic clamshells, blisters, and trays in the consumer, medical/ pharmaceutical, and electronic/ industrial industry significantly grows every year. Manufacturing is the backbone to our economy, keeping people buying and maintaining a fast pace in our world. The need for well-design packaging to be used by machines in manufacturing facilities to hanging on the walls of thousands of stores is critical. This is where the design of your packaging comes in play. The right type of plastic for your products must be used, with the right fit, unique shape, and functional design. These factors will allow for quick and flawless operations.

Here at Lacerta Group, Inc., we understand the importance of thermoforming. We know the value of having unique shape, different colors, functional, and quality packages. With this said, we decided to come up with our own 5 ways on how to make your product stand out. Click here to view 5 Ways to Improving Your Packaging.


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