Lacerta focuses on growth to keep up with demand

Here at Lacerta, we started the year with major expansion when we installed two additional thermoforming machines. We added two Sencorp Ultra thermoformers to our plant, totaling five new pieces of equipment in the past two years. Lacerta also became ISO 9001:2008 certified and is building another clean room.

Thermoforming Machine


We are determined to keep up with the growing demand and constantly looking to take on more opportunities. For the past five years we have been growing double digit and expect to grow 25% in 2014. To increase our capacity we have hired 35 new employees in the past 2 years and another building in the same industrial park.

 Medical Kit


A new hard-walled clean room is also currently underway, it will be 1,500 sqft and completed later this month. The clean room will be used to ramp up medical device packaging capabilities, including thermoformed medical trays and medical kits. Ali Lotfi, Owner of Lacerta spoke about the benefits of the major expansion “Our strength is our ability to respond to our customers needs and shorten their lead time. The addition of the two new machines and the clean room will help in that process and support our growth”.


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